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Teaching Philosophy

Everybody learns in a different way. For this reason our Trainers concentrate on activating all of the senses, be it kinesthetic (physical movement), visual (sight), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell), haptic (touch) and where applicable also gustatory (taste). Our Trainers are native speakers who have taught a wide range of students from many different professional areas. This enables them to tailor the tuition to the specific needs of the individual or group, always paying close attention to the cultural differences as well as the different learning habits.

Therefore we can cater to every form of learning. Whether individual tuition, group training or seminars, we carry out our tuition in a manner that promotes learning for all types of students without the typically rigid "one for all" structure.

We place great emphasis on the spoken word; you will learn the language in a natural environment through the use of pictures and role-plays.

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How to give instructions, tought using alternative teaching methods.
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