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Coaching Styles

  • Individual (1-to-1)
    Offers you the advantage of flexibility. Appointments can be made on a week to week basis without date and time restrictions. Appointments may also be cancelled or rescheduled at no extra cost up to one day (24 hours) before the scheduled tuition.
  • Mini Group
    From 2 to 3 participants
  • Company Training
    Offers you the same advantages as individual training in a group of up to a maximum of 10 participants
  • Groups
    From 4 to 6 participants
  • Coaching at your workplace
    You will be called by your training team for practicing 30 minutes English coaching - wherever and whenever you are available.
  • English Day
    Once a month an English Coach will come into your department for 3 full hours. On this day, only English will be spoken at your workplace.